2019 – 2nd Annual Cancer Patient Aid CAR SHOW

Raised $3,606.00

It was “A Great Day To Be In Windham.” Thank you to the drivers, spectators, GCWL Membership and their family & friends for supporting the cause.

119 cars registered. The parking lot of The Chicken Run Family Restaurant was filled as well as around the perimeter of the field across the street. What a beautiful sea of color.

Below you will find a listing of the trophy sponsors and winning drivers along with an almost endless group of pictures from the day. Again, this year drivers received their trophy from our very own “Trophy Girl”, Cassie Constable.

Thank you again for your support.

Special thanks to… The Chicken Run Family Restaurant, Belgian Trucking & Excavating, WRIP 97.9, AAA of the Hudson Valley, Shook Agency, Mid-Hudson Cablevision, Want Ad Digest, Freihoffers & Windham Rotary plus… many more. (listed below)

TROPHIES – 2019 Car Show

Starting with TOP 20, then 1990 & Newer, People’s Choice, Best Paint, Just Tinkering, Farthest Traveled, Motorcycle, WRIP, Greene County Women’s League,  Rick Mundelein Memorial Trophy and then Best in Show “CLASSIC” with $500 from The Chicken Run

TOP 22:  ***We ended up with 22 trophies in the Top 20***

Top 20 – Trophy 1

Sponsored by: Greene County Women’s League

In MEMORY of:  Rose Morgese

George Re (Car #: 85)

1991 Nissan Figaro

Top 20 – Trophy 2

Sponsored by:  Greene County Women’s League

In MEMORY of:  Gloria Kline

Hillary Morse (Car #: 23)

1929 Mercedes

Top 20 – Trophy 3

Sponsored by:  Greene County Women’s League

In MEMORY of: Ethel Slutzky

Jerry Figel (Car # 68)

1939 Ford Pick-up

Top 20 – Trophy 4

Sponsored by:  Karen’s Flower Shoppe

In MEMORY of:  Maureen Feml

Craig M. DeLong  (Car # 9)

1966 Chevy

Top 20 – Trophy 5

Sponsored by:  Schwan’s Home Service

Mike Casazza (Car # 109)

1970 Chevy Chevelle

Top 20 – Trophy 6

Sponsored by:  Pam & Randy Brent

In MEMORY of:  Fred & Emma Howard

Randy & Rose Lee (Car #: 14)

1966 Ford Mustang

Top 20 – Trophy 7

Sponsored by:  Furniture Plus

Martinez Auto Body (Car # 110)

1957 Chevrolet Belair 

Top 20 – Trophy 8

Sponsored by:  MaryAnn Kordich

In HONOR of:  All Cancer Patients

Brett Obletz  (Car # 101)

1959 Chevy Apache 31

Top 20 – Trophy 9

Sponsored by:  Lynne Zubris

In MEMORY of:  Lisa A. Zubris

Ed Schwarz (Car #: 43)

1929 Ford Sports Coupe

Top 20 – Trophy 10

Sponsored by:  Diane Martinez, Cutting Corner Hair Salon

Charles VanEtten  (Car #: 28)

1971 Ford Mach 1

Top 20 – Trophy 11

Sponsored by:  Hannay Reels, Inc.

Steve Canfield (Car # 22)

1967 V.W. Beetle

Top 20 – Trophy 12

Sponsored by:  Mid-Hudson Cable

Al Poole (Car # 7)

1965 Ford Mustang

Top 20 – Trophy 13

Sponsored by:   Rosemarie & Sal Provenza

In MEMORY of:  Mary Lupoli

Peter Atanasio (Car # 113)

1963 Chevy Chevy

Top 20 – Trophy 14

Sponsored by:   Janet Reale

In MEMORY of:  Roger Borrelli

Vincent Paterniti (Car # 90)

1964 Pontiac GTO

Top 20 – Trophy 15

Sponsored by:   Theresa Oliveira

In MEMORY of:  Tony Oliveira

Craig Westfield (Car # 67)

1970 Chevy Chevelle

Top 20 – Trophy 16

Sponsored by:   Joanne & Art Drobner

In MEMORY of:  Duane VanWormer

David Newkirk (Car # 4)

1966 Ford Pick-Up

Top 20 – Trophy 17

Sponsored by:   Rose & Mario Bauer

In HONOR of:  Anna Finamore

Herb Kenney (Car # 12)

1968 Chevy C-10 Pick-Up

Top 20 – Trophy 18

Sponsored by:   Backyard Sheds

Monte Klob (Car # 2)

1966 Chevy 2 Nova

Top 20 – Trophy 19

Sponsored by:   Lacy Ford, Lincoln & Subaru

Doug Bradford (Car # 8)

1965 Chevrolet

Top 20 – Trophy 20

Sponsored by:   Crossroads Ford

Ron Greensmith (Car # 80)

1951 Ford Custom

Top 20 – Trophy 21

Sponsored by:  Greene County Women’s League

In MEMORY of:  Bernice Hoyt

Pete Snyder (Car # 118)

1969 Plymouth Barracuda

Top 20 – Trophy 22

Sponsored by:  Greene County Women’s League

In MEMORY of:  Margaret Arp

Walter Hertler (Car #: 103)

1948 Ford

Now onto….1990 & Newer, People’s Choice, Best Paint, Just Tinkering, Farthest Traveled, Motorcycle, WRIP, Greene County Women’s League,  Rick Mundelein Memorial Trophy and then Best in Show “CLASSIC” with $500 from The Chicken Run

1990 & Newer:

Sponsored by:  Sawyer Chevrolet

Joan Annis (Car # 60)

2018 Chevy Corvette

People’s Choice

Sponsored by:  Catskill Self Storage, Inc.

Mike Moak (Car # 54)

1979 Chevy Corvette

Best Paint

Sponsored by:  Martinez Auto Body Shop, Inc.

Bobby Archambault (Car # 1)

1972 Chevy Nova

Still Just Tinkering

Sponsored by:   Don’s Auto Care

Tom Newkirk (Car # 5)

1958 Willy’s

Farthest Traveled

Sponsored by:  Crossroads Ford

Joseph Gugliotto (Car #:  11)

1958 Plymouth Bellvedere


Sponsored by:  Bank of Greene County

Joe Sasso (Car # 42)

2003 Kendall Johnson Custom

WRIP Trophy

Sponsored by:  Melissa Levy

Peter Tomasino (Car # 36)

1952 Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special

Greene County Women’s League Cancer Patient Aid trophy

 Sponsored by:  Rollin Cole Tools, LLC

Pete Whitbeck (Car # 40)

1932 Ford Roaster

Rick Mundelein Memorial Trophy

Sponsored by:  Father & Son’s Auto Sales

Art Coleman (Car # 31)

1933 Pontiac 2-door

BEST-IN-SHOW w/$500 Cash Award Sponsored by:  The Chicken Run Restaurant

Sponsored by:    Deuire’s Trophy

Bob Coffey (Car #: 33)

1955 Chevy Belair

For more information about Greene County Women’s League Cancer Patient Aid, please call 518-819-1249 or e-mail

Sponsors / Donors / Volunteers

AAA Hudson Valley

Albany Times Union Newspaper

Angel’s Family Restaurant

America on Wheels Museum

Tammy Anderson-Osborne

Backyard Shed Co., Inc.

Bank of Greene County

Donna Barbaria

Rose & Mario Bauer

Belgian Trucking & Excavating

Sandy & Benny Benjamin

BJ’s Wholesale Club

Pam & Randy Brent

Kathleen Cambone

97.9 WRIP

98.5 The CAT

Catskill Self-Storage, Inc.

Chicken Run Family Restaurant

Cassie Constable

Crayola Experience

Crossroads Ford

Cutting Corner Hair Salon

The Daily Mail

Fast Eddie DJ Service

Don’s Auto Care

D.P. G. Enterprise Garage

Joanne & Art Drobner

East Durham Hardware

Abina Evans

Anna Fallon

Ron & Freda Fancher

Father & Son’s Auto Sales

Jay Fink

Freihoffer’s Baking Co.

Furniture Plus

Greene County Chamber of Commerce

Greene County Women’s League Cancer Patient Aid – Board & Members

Greenville Pioneer Newspaper

Tim & Ellen Gerard

Ginny Gurley

Greek Church of Assumption, Windham

Gurney’s Seed & Nursery

Hannay Reels

Hemmings Motor News

Higher Grounds

Travis Herrick


Glenn & Carol Howard

Howe’s Cavern

Arlene Ioos

Janine’s Floral Creations



Karen’s Flower Shoppe

Gail Kargoe

The Kennedy Foundation

Linda Klob

MaryAnn Kordich

Lacy Ford, Lincoln, Subaru

Suzanne & Matt Lacy

Marybeth Large

Rose Lennon

Melissa Levy

Joe Lovero

Ron MaGee

Ryan Margiasso

Jim & Rhonda Margiasso

Martinez Auto Body

Lisa Marrero

Mid-Hudson Cable

Mountain Eagle Newspaper & Mike Ryan

Anna Mullen

Joann Murrin

NAPA Auto Supply – Catskill

Northeast Classic Car Museum

Theresa Oliveira

Karen Oliveri

Outdoor News

The PennySaver & Tami Miller

Donna Perrino

Phyllis Phoenix

Pillows & More, Joyce Homeyer

Sal & Rosemary Pitruzella

Rosemarie & Sal Provenza

Rachel Puckett & Paula of MHC

Mike Pushman

Janet Raele

River’s Casino

Rock Auto, LLC

Rollin’Cole Tools

Round Top Knit & Screening

Sawyer Chevrolet

Schwan’s Home Service –

Clinton Harbeck & Frank Davis

SHOOK Agency

St. Theresa’s Church of Windham

Phynetta & Anna Slavinski

Rosemary Sisco

Janine & John Snyder

Sundaes Ice Cream & Restaurant

Tannersville Mountain Top Car Show & Robin Dumont

Todaro’s Salumeria

Trophies by John Deuire

Maria Villavecchia

Wal-Mart of Catskill

Want Ad Digest

Wes’ Mobile Repair

Town of Windham

Windham Police Department

Windham Chamber of Commerce

Whitbeck’s Garage

White Wall Rama Car Show & Mark Williams

Women’s Expo & Ann Donovan

Louise Woods

WRIP 97.9

YMCA – Greene County

Lynne Zubris